Akita Gen 2 Update

Akita Gen 2 Update

Hey Frens,

With AKC staking soon coming to an end, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all an update on our progress and what to expect in the coming months. In 30 hours AKC staking will come to a close across our 5 pools and the chew toys will be yours to claim! We have a lot to build for the launch of gen 2, so we'll have a cooling off period where your chew toys will be tradable. I'm sure some of you will seek to collect all 4 of the gems to grab something special when the time comes. 👀

There's still a lot to do, so I'll just list out where we're at and what's left to get done before we can launch. At the moment, I'm aiming for end of February - Mid March. When we have things in order and I'm confident we can hit a specific date, we'll announce an official launch date! Here's where we're currently at.

181 out of 189 Traits are Complete

Inkwell has done an absolutely phenomenal job with gen 2 and I could not be happier with how things are shaping up. Across all the different traits we're looking at a whopping 50 billion+ unique combinations of traits ( 56,675,469,312 if you like exact numbers ). Ink has been an inspiration for me and is a large part of why I have stepped up to help Akita become the most it can be. There's really not enough I can say as to how much he's appreciated and how his unique artistic identity contributes to making Akita... well Akita.

Collection Generation is almost done

I've got all files mapped to their correct traits and currently have a random gen 2 generator spitting out potential AKC combos at my discretion. I've shared quite a few across discord and twitter for those that are active and keeping up with the daily rambunctiousness. We're at a good place with the time I've been able to dedicate to building the collection. There are still a few traits that combine together awkwardly and require me to write some logic for reordering the layers when certain combinations come up. This code is also going to be a core component when it comes to the 250 gem AKCs we have yet begun to talk about.

How the Gems Work

We haven't done the best job communicating the mechanics of the gems in gen 2. Hopefully this post will shed some light to those that are feeling in the dark. Gen 1 did rarity based on categories ( common, uncommon, rare, legendary ). With Omni-Gems we'll be continuing that paradigm and will separate them into those same categories. Gem AKCOG's will represent the rare category. They'll have access to gem specific traits made only available to their own category. They'll also have access to combo traits that none of the others can access, so for example common's and uncommon's can only have Demon Horns or the Third Eye for their head trait, but gem types could potentially have a combo variation "Demon Horn with Third Eye". They'll also have a higher chance of attaining 'rare' traits within the wider collection. In addition to that, there is also a gem fur. Among the 250 of a specific gem background, there will be a small chance you can get the correlating gem type as the fur of your AKC (ie Emerald fur/ Emerald Background). Gem dogs with this combo will be hoisted up and will be considered Legendries as there may only be one or two of these combos.

Ok... so what's legendary? Diamond Dogs of course! Over the last few months we've been alluding to a surprise for those of you that manage to collect one of each gem AKCOG. When you complete this task, you'll be able to go redeem them for a diamond dog! Born out of the traits from each of the gem's used to create it. This category will also have access to potentially attain a gem fur of any category; Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald.... maybe even Diamond! Once a gem dog is used to redeem a Diamond Dog, it will no longer be eligible for redemption. So be careful with the traits you use to create them! We do have some concerns that this may cause some market valuation changes similar to Mostly Frens. Fear not! There will be a dedicated list on the Akita Platform where you can view which gem dogs still qualify for redeeming a diamond.

Diamonds are special. We're using ARC-19 for this series and that means we get to play with some fun new mechanics. The Diamond Dogs will all be able to trait swap. For a small fee of 50 $AKTA you'll be able to cycle your diamond dogs traits amongst the traits used in its creation. So fret not, if at first its not your ideal combo! In addition to the traits used in their creation, they will also have the gem fur's as a possible trait your pup!

Details have been Finalized

All the details for gen 2 are finalized.

Standard: ARC19

Allocation of Funds:

40% of the revenue from sales will be split between Inkwell & I. We've put in a lot of work to make this happen and we think 40% is fair. The other 60% will go to the community fund to fuel staking pools, server costs, etc. Everything that comes with maintaining and building up Akita. Royalties on secondary sales will be split 50/50 between Ink and I.

Chew Toy Purchase

  • Claims process
  • 89 $ALGO or equivalent in $AKTA
  • Guaranteed Gem Background correlating with chew toy ( Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz or Emerald )

Public Sale

  • Public Shuffle
  • 100 $ALGO or equivalent in USD*

Collection Size: 5,000

Shocker, I know we've been saying 3,000 for the last few months. I hope this isn't too dire of news for those of you following along. Hear me out before you jump on twitter to let out that teenage angst. Heres the logic, Algorand is not our entire market & the majority of the extra AKC's are going to be reserved for community rewards & special events. Before we launch public sales I will be integrating USD payments and we will be marketing to the broader community about these wonderful digital collectibles. We had initially planned to do 1,250 Gems, thats not changing; however 1250 out of 3000 isn't quite the rarity we think does the gems justice. We have longterm plans for this project and the extras will go a long way in providing the community with sustained rewards over the next 5 to 10 years. Yep, 5 to 10 years. We're bullish on Algorand & Akita's longterm potential. Grand Ambitions are in the works and i want to make the most of the amazing art that Inkwell is bestowing us with. Here's the plan with that extra 2,000. 500 are going to be reserved exclusively for fiat on-ramping of Algorand & crypto newbies, a core tenant of this community is to bring in newcomers and introduce them to Algorand. We think these are an astonishingly good way to bring them in and get them started. The remaining 1,500 will be allocated to holders rewards, special auctions, strategic gifting, partnerships & collaborations; with the vast majority going back to Holders of AKCs & $AKTA via on platform Staking & Raffles.

Whats left to do

There's quite a bit left to do before we can officially launch.

  • Inkwell needs to finish the remaining 8 traits
  • I need to finish the compatibility mapping & layering between all the traits
  • Write the code that creates the rarity and interlocking of specific traits
  • Shuffle system that uses ARC19 to sell a blank slate of an AKC to avoid any sniping & then afterwards updates to reveal the traits.
  • Diamond Dog claim process & trait swapping, both mechanics & user interfaces
  • List of Gem AKCs that have not yet been used to redeem a Diamond Dog

After all these things are done, we can begin launching for chew toy holders (to claim their AKCOG) and for those that want to pay with $AKTA. I know everyone is excited and I want to get this thing going for you all! But its important to me, that we do so in a way that feels complete and clean. It needs to feel like it's been carefully thought out, is well organized & most importantly complete. That may include waiting until the fiat onramp is built and newcomers can come use the platform without any prior knowledge of Algorand or education for getting started. Dealing with Fiat payments is NOT breaking new ground for me so I have high hopes that we can get that setup and working in a timely manner.

Thank you all so much for your support, patience & encouragement. I'm looking forward to building more than ever.