Akita is becoming a next generation Social Media Platform & Wallet

We’ve been hard at work and realized if you haven’t been closely following Krby on X then you may be a bit in the dark as to our current plans and work going on.

There have been a number of large innovations that have taken place over the last few months that will allow us to make onboarding & using Algorand even more frictionless than your typical web2 username & password equivalent.

Three parts come together here to really let us shine; Passkeys, ARC58 Plugin based Account Abstraction, & fee subsidization.

I’ll do my best not to dive too deep into the weeds on this but Joe Polny and Krby have built ARC58 to allow you to add ‘plugins’ to your wallet with fine granular control over what addresses can call the plugin for you and for how long it is allowed. Combine this with passkey-per-dapp and you get a lot of really amazing benefits.

✅ no more mnemonics‌‌

✅ dapps can only ask you to sign txns using their allowed plugins‌‌

✅ no more switching apps

The potential of this approach should not be understated, the user experience is about to drastically shift for the better.

Akita’s social media features have been in the works for almost 2 years, while we think they will be a massive deal we feel it deserves its own blog post & roadmap. Briefly; we envision a platform that facilitates automatic peer-to-peer payments as messages. Like & interact with the content others create that you feel is valuable. These new wallet innovations make an idealistically frictionless implementation of this kind of social platform possible. We’ll have more info on this in the coming months.

A whole new paradigm deserves a new interface! We’ve been hard at work refreshing the user experience to accommodate these drastic changes & feel that the new experience will set Akita apart. Check out the desktop experience for subscribing to another user or project attached below!

We also are seeking volunteers to help bring all of this to fruition sooner. So far we have the fabulous BigWeel, he’s a close friend of Krby and an insanely experienced & talented dev that he has had the pleasure of working with in the past.  We have also brought in d3vi0us to help bolster our social presence and ensure Akita gets the attention it deserves. There are a few other engineers & active community members Krby is trying to get to work with us on this but we’ll wait to throw out names until later.

Thank you everyone for keeping Akita not just alive but thriving and an amazing and fun project to be a part of. Krby would not have the dedication and consistency to make this a reality without all of your support.