For generations, mankind’s best friend has been a dog. They are loyal, help provide security and give us unconditional love. We here at Akita feel the same way about Algorand. It’s why we say, “Akita is Algo’s best friend”. We are here to help support and develop the Algorand ecosystem.

With that we're proud to announce we are building on the collaboration we started with Folks Finance at the beginning of G7. You will be able to purchase AKCOGs with Galgo! That’s right, we will be accepting Galgo for the upcoming launch of the OmniGems collection on July 8th!

If you won the raffle at the beginning of G7, you can still claim your whitelist chew toy at:   https://app.akita.community/claim

Folks x Akita Details

Referral Code - Have you ever wanted to participate in governance, stay liquid and support your favorite project? Folks Finance makes that possible with their liquid governance referral program. The Akita project gets rewarded if you sign up through our link:             https://app.folks.finance/algo-liquid-governance?ref=akita

Chew Toy x Galgo(G7) - Last governance period, we gave away 25 WL nfts for the upcoming AKCOG shuffle along with Galgo prizes awarded by Folks Finance!

Accepting Galgo - Akita is accepting Galgo for the AKCOG shuffle!

The "OG" Series

Shuffle Details

Date: July 8th, 2023

Time: 12 p.m. est/9 a.m. pacific

Cost: WL - 89 Algo/Galgo or AKTA equivalent

Public - 100 Algo/Galgo

Website:  https://app.akita.community/

Folks finance is a premier defi suite offering lending, borrowing and liquid governance built on the Algorand blockchain.