Big News & Exciting Times Ahead


As many of you know, for the last 2 years, Krby has been working on Akita in the evenings just after he gets his kids to bed and up until the launch of Omnigems he had been funding everything out of my his pocket. It's been an insane & amazing journey thus far and Krby can confidently say that we are just getting started. From subscriptions to plugin wallets to decentralizing social media, we envision Akita becoming a web3 everything app that exists without compromise.

Along the way he's had a consistent desire to find ways to spend more of my time building for the Algorand ecosystem & community and am excited to announce that:

Krby has been hired by the Algorand Foundation!

It's important to me that I emphasize Krby's commitment to Akita remains the same & that this new job will allow him to spend roughly 3x as much time working to build up our ecosystem & community. Much of the work he has been doing prior to being hired was work that he strongly felt could help not just Akita but really anyone wanting to build on Algorand & working for the foundation gives Krby even more opportunities to do that.

Regarding the 3 xGov proposals that we had pass, Krby will be able to receive that funding ( as they all passed shortly before he was hired ) but will not be allowed to submit additional proposals ( makes sense ). Regardless of his eligibility on xGov, he is committed to following through on the milestones he set for proposals 116 & 117 that would have been proposed in the following xGov periods; albeit at a reasonable pace given my commitments with work and Akita.

Akita is and always will be a grassroots movement, Krby now has a fantastic job that can support himself and family while getting to work on the technology he fell in love with just a few years ago EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I believe this is by far the best possible path for Krby and the sustainability of his work on Algorand & Akita.

Thank you all for supporting Krby and Akita in our journey and I cannot wait til the next announcement 🙂