New Site, Who Dis?

krby gives details about the new landing site & everything planned ahead of us.

New Site, Who Dis?

Hey everyone! Today we launched the revamped landing site to properly tell the world about us. There's a lot of great stuff on there and I'm really proud of how it's turned out. I've been working tirelessly to continue to build Akita up and as you may have heard; I'll be at NFT.NYC next week to spread the word, make connections & introduce a new game I've built called Yoink Ball.

Before we get into all the news, I want to extend my utmost gratitude to this wonderful community that has supported me and encouraged me to keep building. I'm often shifting priorities, coming up with new ideas and just generally not the best at communicating what my intentions are. You've all been incredibly patient and supportive. It has been an absolute blessing to have you all here & allow me to approach all of these grand ambitions in the way that works best for me. In an effort to get better at communicating we'll go through the current state of things & what order i want to tackle all the work still ahead of us.

What the hell is Yoink Ball?

Well... its a game i came up with around the time i found out R&, Pera & The Algorand Foundation we're sending myself & 9 other creators to NFT.NYC. I see this as a massive opportunity to promote ourselves & spread the word so I stopped pretty much everything to finish out our new landing site & build this game in hopes that i can make an impact while im there. At its core, Yoink Ball is similar to king of the hill but built upon Algorand & utilizing Algorand Standard Assets. There's a ball that has freeze & clawback enabled (so that the creator wallet is the only one that can move it around) and theres a token you earn by holding the ball. Every player will be given a QR code sticker to place on their backs and by scanning each others codes will be able to steal the ball from one another. The Yoink tokens you earn for holding the ball will be used for an exclusive NFT prize pool. Thats the high level overview.

The game is nearly finished, I have about 5 days to wrap it up and polish it as much as I can before I'm off to New Yoink to meetup with people and get the word out!

Okay whats going on with everything else?

Thats the main reason i wanted to write this post and let everyone know where im at. The subscription smart contracts are ready for mainnet. I've done extensive testing; as well as had other devs I trust review my code and everything is looking like it's in order. The main piece that's missing right now and why it's not already out there in the world is because there are a ton of features around managing service offerings & customers which need interfaces and take some time to build that I haven't completed yet. For a while now i've struggled to decide how I should seperate the two halfs of my work, Akita & Algo Toolchain. The subscription system in particular has broken me a bit because the way I was approaching things was going to force me to build sizeable portions of the interfaces twice. After contemplating it for a while I've decided to abolish the tooling company and bring it into the Akita brand under "Akita Creator Tools" this means things will become more united thematically & that the community as a whole will get to benefit from the tooling produced under this new branch. Which includes subscriptions & The discord bot.

What about AKC Gen Two?

I know many of us are excited to get to own the next generation of AKCs and i have really big plans for all the ways we can push the boundaries of what NFTs are with them. After the MyAlgo hack we've been in a bit of a cooling off period and we decided to push back our launch in order for people to recoup their funds & excitement for NFTs in general. We think timing the launch properly could go a long way in driving excitement & enthusiasm for the collectibles with both the Algorand ecosystem & crypto community at large. Currently we're thinking about launching in May with no hard dates as we will be watching the market and sentiment closely to gauge when the timing is right and makes the most sense.

Over the last year I've built a lot & announced much more. Some of these goals slip through the cracks as new things come along & become a higher priority. You have all been amazing and I deeply appreciate the support & leniency I've been given to pursue the next shiniest thing but I haven't forgotten any of what i've announced I intended to build. I will do my best to be transparent and communicate when our direction shifts. As of right now things like the fiat onramp & DEX integration are still on the list but not the highest priorities. To better communicate these things I've built a roadmap of sorts on the new landing site. At the moment it's just the peak of what I'm focused on & thinking about but I plan on expanding upon it to give greater details for what we're working on and where were headed.

Thanks everyone