Chew Toys Now Available!

Chew Toys Now Available!

 After a long month of staking AKCs, the chew toys are now available!  These crazy (awesome) looking thing will be your ticket to partake in the early whitelist shuffles for our upcoming v2 release, known as the Omnigems!  They will also guarantee a special background for your AKC v2, which can unlock some rare traits in the future.

3D model of the Ruby Chew Toy

 With these bad boys, you'll qualify to purchase an AKC v2 for 89 $ALGO (or equivalent in $AKTA) compared to 100 $ALGO for the public shuffle. As I mentioned before, they can be used to receive a pup with the corresponding gemstone background (ie. Ruby chew toy -> Ruby Background).

How to Redeem

 The process of  redeeming these chew toys is extremely quick and easy.  If you have staked your AKC in the proper pools for the month, you will be able to redeem your chew toy in a few simple clicks.  Follow the guide below and your chewtoy will be in your wallet in no time!

 Congrats!!! You are now the proud owner of your new chew toy!  They are now in your wallet for your viewing pleasure.  If you missed out on one of your favorite chewtoys, don't worry!  These chew toys can be traded and sold on your favorite marketplaces.  You can check out NFTexplorer for any current toys for sale:

 As development continues, we will announce a concrete date in which you can use your chew toys for an OG AKC.  If you are looking for more details please check out our pervious posts:

 We're so thankful to have an awesome community supporting us so we can continue to work.  You guys are the backbone of this project and we couldn't be happier to have such an awesome group surrounding us!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, stay safe diamond dogs!